Apr 4, 2012

It's here and almost gone...

Summer, for most countries is in June... for us, Summmer is one week in March or April, Easter for most, Semana Santa for us.
We have to thank Jesus for this week everybody gets a vacay. Some take to it religiously, some pack their bags and get out of Tegus.. FAST.
It is Wednesday, and I can say I wish Tegus was like today everyday. No nerve wrecking traffic, not busy or bustling, and what needs to be open, is. I only wished I owned a bike. It is about the only time you could bike around safely 'round here. No cars to run you over, no smart ass villain trying to get your stuff, no people anywhere. ahhhh.

Tegus Folks usually leave the capital to go all over the place... the beaches in the north coast (Tela and The Bay Islands being the most popular amongst us), the south coast (Coyolito, Amapala,and such..), others ditch the beach and sun and just stick to the sun in their hometowns or visit Copan.

I, my friends, am going to uknown territory. I have never been, but I have heard wonderful things about Gracias, Lempira. A colonial town located in Western Honduras. Forts, churches, nature, hot springs, and amazing food + people.
I'll let you know if Gracias is worth leaving Tegus, but my wild guess is YES!

More info about Gracias, Lempira...

Where it is:

Amazing People

Hot Springs

all pics by Juan Carlos
taken from the Gracias, Lempira Blog

San Cristobal Fort

Photo by: Joselito Vega
Taken from:

Have a fun rest of the week!

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