Apr 10, 2012


Gracias is a Must.

My trip began with the breakfast of champions... no, not a cigarrette and a cup of coffee, but a delicious typical Honduran breakfast. We stopped in Siguatepeque (on the road to the North, CA-5) just to eat in Comedor Suyapa. This place used to be a house where they sold food to hungry truck drivers, now, it is a restaurant and have two or three locations. They serve one plate, that's all - but oh what a plate it is! If I could eat breakfast like this everyday... the plate consists of Eggs (your choice, mine is scrambled), avocado, carne asada, refried beans, cheese, mantequilla (sour cream sort of) and tortillas. It is a bomb if you're not used to eating like this, but your stomach gets used to it fast. This is, in general terms, the Honduran dish. For breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

We spent our days in the middle of nowhere, Lempira. Lempira is one of the 18 states Honduras has. Located in the western part. Mountains, mountains, and more mountains. Absolutely beautiful. Mainly produces coffee and cattle. Here are some pictures of La Union (a very small town) and Gracias, the capital of Lempira. I was very impressed, very neat, lots of stuff to do, lots of places to eat and stay, I missed out on the hot springs, but I will go back for them...and you should visit the place.

Finca "La Majada", a friend's country place.

San Cristobal Fort

View from the Fort

Central Park... the local governance had a screen set up in the middle of the park and a movie showing so people could watch for free on Saturday afternoon. Neat huh?

The Cathedral

On our way back... we made the mandatory pit stop in Yojoa Lake. Ordered the most amazing fried fish and chips you will ever ever have in your life. There are tons and tons of "Champas" on the roadside and go in. You get to choose your fish, they're frozen and the price depends on their size, a small to medium fish is around 80-100 Lempiras. Once you choose your fish, the ladies fry it and take it to your table accompanied by tons of plantain chips and lime. Cabbage salad and pickled onion is up to you.
I owe you the Lake pic, I was too anxious to eat to take a pic ;)

Fish and Chips Honduran Style, sans and with the yummy onions and cabbage salad.

Overall, it was a great trip! Lempira is definitely a place you should take time to visit, plus it is only like 30 minutes away from Santa Rosa de Copan and the Mayan Ruins. DOOOO EEEEET!

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