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Transportation, nearby places, what to see, when to go, etc. etc. etc.


Public transportation is crap in Tegus. I own a car, Thank God. I really admire the people who get around Tegus on public transportation. I can never tell what buses go where, where to get on them, where to get off. They all look the same - old beat up second hand USA ex school buses. Taxis are all white, have a number, no taxi meter, are all named after the driver's nickname or his lovely lady of the moment, "Jesus is my homeboy" stickers, and usually busting out Reggaeton music.
There are collective cabs (the price is shared amongst the riders) and per person cabs.
If you are going to ride a bus or a cab, be super careful. The buses are usually full and there's always a smartass trying to get your stuff or mug you. Taxis are no different.
Fares will be up soon so that if you ride either, you know what to expect and not be fooled.

People in Tegus don't really walk places. When you get here you'll see why, but I'll tell you anyway. Tegus is too hilly to walk around or bike. You can walk downtown but outside of downtown, get a cab or have someone take you. I, personally, do not recommend walking around - especially at night.

Eating in the Street
I do it all the time, but then again, I live here. My stomach can handle it. If the place looks to shady, then you probably shouldn't. But a hot dog, a baleada (nom nom nom), and even carne asada could be alright. My standard is, if there is a line of people, or a lot of people standing there to buy food, then its ok.
I'm a big fan of minutas (shaved ice), but I must warn you... you never ever know where that water comes from.
Don't be alarmed if you see the person handling the food take money from you with the same hand. It is what it is. If you're not used to Latin-American food or have a sensitive stomach then come prepared. You will probably get sick the first days no matter what - nothing some Pepto Bismol or Alka - Seltzer won't cure.

Health Care
It sucks to get sick or hurt when you travel, but it happens. It also happens that you never know where to go, how to deal with insurance, or identify if it is a good cheap place or a private expensive one.
We have public and private hospitals and clinics. I hate to admit it, but public health care is a mess. I keep wondering if people in the public health care facilities get sicker than they arrived. But we have good medicine. Here are the choices...
Hospital San Felipe
Hospital Materno Infantil

Hospital Viera
Hospital San Jorge
Hospital Honduras Medical Center
Hospital Clinicas Medicas


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