Just Eat It

Loca Luna
Bar Food

This is the type of place where everybody knows your name.. and everybody knows they have the best chicken wings in town. I also love their nachos, which makes me love almost all their menu options, because other than those two.. I think they only have cheese fries.
From Tuesday to Saturday, Loca Luna is always filled with after work drinking groups, college kids and friends who want to hang out and drink a couple of beers.
They have promos all the time like order 6 wings and get 12 for the same price. They're soft on the wallet.

My cousin - who is 17 days from getting married - is a faithful customer, he even has his own bartender shirt! Gotta love him!

Keep in mind I am not a professional photographer, in other words, I take shitty pics. But I make and effort.

Chicken Wings (their sauce is glorious)


Soups, Sandwiches, Snacks, Desserts

I have quite a sweet tooth. I crave cookies, pies, cake - pretty much anything with sugar and/or butter in it (hopefully both).
I am obsessed with Vie de France's chocolate croissants. Not the best I've tried, but come pretty darn close.
This place is a French inspired café... think Panera mixed in with a local coffee shop. It is a little pricey, in my humble opinion, but worth it for desserts at least. The soups and sandwiches are yummy, but I can eat a better sandwich someplace else. But the sweets... ABCDelicious!

The place...

My yummy Corn Chowder

My Turkey Sandwich

Arab Food

I found myself in Los Castaños (a small shopping center on Blvd. Morazán) at noon. My favorite burger place is there, but I opted for Arab instead. Tegus, Honduras in general, has a big Arab community. Gyros is a little restaurant in Los Castaños that offers a small variety of Arab nom noms - from Falafel, hummus, Kibbehs, Kuosa Mahshih, Shawarma, Tabbouleh, stuffed grape leaves, marmahon, and a bunch of other stuff I can barely pronounce. This is a good alternative if you are a vegetarian, lots of yummy veggie options.
Not the cheapest, but affordable.

The buffet:

My plate... Marmahon with chicken, tabbouleh, and a couple of stuffed grape leaves.

Burger Joint

I fell in love with a burger tonight. A bunch of us from the radio station went to a place called Matambritas. I had heard great comments on it, so we decided to head there and give it a try. BEST DECISION EVER!
You will find Matambritas in "Los Proceres" Food Court, it is standing on it's own to one side. You cannot miss the big VW Beetle on the roof. They have burgers, ribs, and wings. I tried the burgers and the wings. Its a go.
You get there, and they have this four step ordering process. First you choose your meat, then your veggies, then a sauce and finally, your cheese. Give the "Matambrita" Sauce a shot, you will not be disappointed.

You can find them on facebook, just search Matambritas, their phone number is 2233-5428.

Take a look!

This was half of our order... chicken burger, fusion chicken wings, cheese burger, bacon cheese burger, curly fries...

They messed up my burger a bit.. I got chicken plus beef plus bacon. I did not complain.

Plus, the staff is just amazing! Here they are, saying "Hey" ;)

Chinese Food

Food makes me happy. Today, not the food but the company made me especially happy. My sister lives in San Pedro Sula, but she was in Tegus today for some errands. I love my sister, not only because she is my sister but because she's amazingly cool, super creative, and does the whole wife-mom-event planner- agency manager all at once. Except for the fact that if my life depended on her, I'd be dead. She never answers her phone.
Anyway, we had lunch at what I think is the best Chinese restaurant in the city - for the moment. It seems Chinese restaurants open everyday ´round here.
I don't want to brag, but we have the best Chinese food evaaahh! by here, I mean Tegus. I've been to other cities and I've tried Chinese food in other places and nothing comes close. So good.
A typical person orders fried rice, chap suey and won ton. And today, just for you, I ordered the typical.

Go ahead, drool.

So if you're in the mood for a little oriental, this is the place to eat: Mandarin Oriental, Colonia Tepeyac (opposite to the big Espresso Americano place and right next to Cafemania by the Honduras Medical Center) you can order delivery too. Their phone is (504) 2239-0655 or 2239-0799.

Not too expensive. Service was A+. For drinks, an appetizer and three big ass plates the total was around $27. He're the check.


  1. You should post the phone numbers, great reviews, though! Thanks!

  2. Hay un nuevo lugar de alitas que se llama House of Wings, las alitas son super ricas y a precios cómodos! Lo bueno es que tienen variedades de salsas, la que mas me gusto a mi fue la sweet pain. Deberías de ir a comer ahí a ver que tal te parece. Queda en Plaza La Loma, una nueva plaza que queda en la calle que va hacía la VillaOlímpica si venis de Tigo Morazan. Queda justo a la par de la entrada a la Col. Villa Universitaria 2