Mar 26, 2012

Pic Nic de la Francofonía

Yesterday, apart from being my birthday, the Alianza Francesa celebrated the French speaking peeps by organizing a Pic Nic.
There were food booths set up, music playing, wine, and yes, French speaking people. It was held at the Villa Olimpica.
I got there around noon, the sun was burning hot and my stomach was ready to munch on some food.
I expected a lot more food alternatives and many more French options - there really wasn't any except for some crepes. But when you're hungry, you're hungry. They had typical Honduran food like Mondongo and Tapado, Pupusas, Meat and Chorizo plus a local French inspired bakery/cafe stand.
My day was made when I say a man with a cart... not just any man, not just any cart. It was a man selling "Minutas". This is shaved ice topped with very homemade fruit syrup that can be upgraded for just Lps 5 to a super minuta with condensed milk added. I will stop ANYWHERE for one of these. However, they have a bit of a bad rep. Street minutas are known for not being the most sanitary thing you will find on the streets. Plus the minuta man will always grab the ice with the same hand he grabs your money. I still take my chances- sugar overdose, bacteria, and all.

El minutero...

Las minutas...

It was fun to hang out with my friends, do something different, being able to sit around in the grass. I hope they repeat it next year.

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