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MARCH 2016



Hot hot hot! lots of hot events and fun things to do in August.  And guess what? you can find them all here...
This is what August is looking like...

August 14 @ Alianza Francesa de Tegucigalpa, 7:00 pm,  The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob, by Gérard Oury


Universities and schools are off for a while. Rain and its urge to drop on us every afternoon seems like are on hold too. July promises to be a good month. Lots of fun stuff to do. Take a look for yourself:

I am most excited about this comeback... "La Caramba" is re-opening its doors this month in a new location and with a killer repertoire. If you get a chance, this is a must. 

No April showers for us, in Tegus, it's more like May showers. Be prepared for a month full of rainy days. So here are a couple of things going that you can do on a rainy day...

APRIL, Fools!

APRIL 16-22

APRIL 9-15
CCET Calendar for this week


The Museo para la Identidad Nacional (MIN) - one of my personal favorites, is opening a new temporary exhibition. The exhibition is all about installations by Dario Rivera and Orlando Roque.
The details below:
Opening: Friday April 12
Time: 7pm
Exhibition Timeframe: April 13 to May 6
Costs and Times: Usual MIN hours and costs
For more info on this Museum visit: www.min.hn and/or their fanpage www.facebook.com/museoparalaidentidadnacional

Later this month, MIN is hosting an interesting event. A dinner based on Gala, Salvador Dali's muse in reference to the current exhibition of Dali's interpretation and illustrations of Dante's "The Divine Comedy". A reknowned chef is going to delight everybody with recipes from the time Dali was around. I hear they're going all out, so if you have the cash, this is a must.
Date: Tuesday April 24
Time: 7pm
Cost: Lps. 2,000 per person ($100)
RSVP: info@min.hn or call 2238-7412


Philharmonic Orquestra

The XVII edition of "Concerts in Churches" begins this Friday.
Date: Friday April 13
Place: Parroquia San Juan Bautista, Colonia Kennedy
Free Entrance

Hibriduz Jazz
Date: Friday April 13
Time: 7pm
Place: Museo del Hombre Hondureño
Free Entrance

Royal Blues
Date: Saturday April 14
Time: 6:30pm
Place: CCET

The French Alliance has a series of francophone events every week. They show films every week and here is this week's...
Date: Tuesday April 10
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Place: Salón de la Alianza Francesa
Free Entrance, Subtitled in Spanish

AF's page on FB: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Alianza-Francesa-Tegucigalpa/


The French Alliance is also bringing us a production by Evelyne House of Shame in their Central American Tour.
Date: Thursday April 12, Friday April 13
Time: 7pm
Where: Teatro Manuel Bonilla
Free Entrance

Teatro Bambu

From April 1 to April 8th... pretty much nothing goes on, and the things that do, already passed - sorry about that.

Although these are a couple of things you could do:

March Madness

March 26-31


Duo Los Tres: Latin Covers
Wednesday 28

This Wednesday the 28th, Duo Los Tres is going to be playing live at Buffalo Wings in Mall Multiplaza. Duo Los Tres is a local band integrated by three of the most outstanding musicians around. They play mostly latin covers.
Ramses Barrientos on guitar, Nilo Espinal on bass guitar and lead vocals, and Carlos Cedeño in percussion. They will be playing at 9pm and there is no cover charge.

Natural: Acoustic Covers
Thursday 29

These guys are trying the unplugged version of covers. Check them out Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays @ El Fogoncito (Mexican restaurant, not one of my faves.. but they sell beer, so who cares)

Benefit Concert: Hard Rock from four local bands
Thursday 29

You are all invited to head bang this Thursday at Taramundi (Col. Ruben Dario). Urania, Spectrum, Los Pinguinos, and Duo los Tres will be playing in order to help a friend musician in need of a cornea transplant. Cover is Lps. 100


CCET: Centro Cultural de España en Tegucigalpa
Thursday 29, Friday 30, Saturday 31

CCET will be showing three documentaries with Creative Commons license on the 27, 28 and 29th at 6:30 pm.

Tuesday 27: “¡Copiad, malditos!”, from Stéphane M. Grueso (Spain, 2011, 58’).
Wednesday 28: “To shoot an elephant”, from Alberto Arce y Mohammad Rujailah (Spain, 2009, 112’).
Thursday 29: “Rip: A Remix Manifesto”, from Brett Gaylor (Canada, 2009, 80’).

Alianza Francesa en Tegucigalpa
Saturday 31

The Alianza Francesa will be showing a movie this weekend for the little ones. So if you're into french and so are your kids, head down there. The movie is “Titeuf” de Zep, this Saturday at 2pm, fo' free.


Teatro Manuel Bonilla
Saturday 31

The French Lycee is hosting a play to celebrate the Plurilingualism Week. They honor Spanish, English, and French in the art of literature. This Thursday, don't miss out on this play @ Teatro Manuel Bonilla, 6:30 pm.

Palcos: Lps 35
Platea: Lps 30
Gradería: Lps 25

Here's what El Museo del Hombre and CCET have to offer this month.


Cafe 1331
Friday 30

Juana Pavon, Alias "Juana La Loca", is a local poet... her themes are based on social and women issues, she speaks her mind and not afraid of it at all. She is definitely a Tegus character that you must meet.

Saturday 31
Asociacion Libre Expresión began as an initiative that strives for young girls and boys with scarce opportunities to be able to express themselves through photography.
In order to raise funds, they have organized a fair this weekend that will surely be full of fun. Food, activities for young and old, music, and other entertainment.

White Party
Thursday 29

Barroco, one of the popular places to go out at night... one of the few places where you can dance and drink and dress up, is hosting a white party, and excuse to begin holiday season around here. Next week holy week begins so everybody is off to their vacation destinations.
There's a Lps. 200 cover that includes a free summer cocktail. Dress code is, of course, white.

March 11-17

The month continues to be music filled. The 4th edition of the annual Jazz Festival starts this Thursday with Jorge Santos Ensamble and ends Saturday with Underkarl from Germany. You can enjoy the sounds of jazz every day this weekend @ Taramundi in Colonia Ruben Dario.
Dates: March 15-17
Place: Taramundi, Col. Ruben Dario
Cover: Lps. 100 ($5)
Time: 8:00 pm
Type of event: Jazz Festival

Latin Grooves @ Habia Una Vez

Feria Cultural @ Paseo Los Artesanos

March 04-10

So if you're in Tegus this weekend, there are a couple of things you might enjoy doing.
You can drop by my favorite bars (I'll blog about them on another occasion)or you can have a little taste of a retro night, by going to a local band´s concert. Le Fou was a popular band here in Tegus in the early 90s. They split up but they're getting back together this Friday for a benefit concert to help one of their founding members who suffered a brain hemorrhage. The sweet deal is, you also get to listen to one of my favorite local bands, Sueño Digviana, while you're at it.
The details below:
Place: Taramundi, Col. Ruben Daria
Cover: Lps. 120.00 ($6)
Time: 9:00 pm
Date: Friday the 9th
Type of music: Rock and Alternative Rock

Listen to Sueño Digviana here:

So that's Friday. On Saturday, you get to experience a whole different musical experience. Grito Rock is an integrated music festival that was born in Brazil and is now promoted in all Latin America. It's happening in around 200 cities in 15 countries and for the second year in a row, it's happening here, in Tegus.
So if tropical psychedelia, cumbia, reggae, DJs, Ska, Latin Rock, Dubstep, Progressive Trance amongst other genres is your thing. This is the place to be.
There will be body suspensions, art in all of its expressions, food and drinks. Don't miss out.
More on this festival at http://musicacentroamericana.net/relaciones-internacionales/gira-fora-do-eixo/grito-rock-2011/
Here's the info:
Place: Club del Quimico Farmaceutico, Blvd. Los Proceres
Time: from 5 pm
Cover: Lps. 100.00 ($5)
Date: Saturday the 10th
Type of event: Music festival

Find the event on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/176000462501258/


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