Mar 26, 2012

Pic Nic de la Francofonía

Yesterday, apart from being my birthday, the Alianza Francesa celebrated the French speaking peeps by organizing a Pic Nic.
There were food booths set up, music playing, wine, and yes, French speaking people. It was held at the Villa Olimpica.
I got there around noon, the sun was burning hot and my stomach was ready to munch on some food.
I expected a lot more food alternatives and many more French options - there really wasn't any except for some crepes. But when you're hungry, you're hungry. They had typical Honduran food like Mondongo and Tapado, Pupusas, Meat and Chorizo plus a local French inspired bakery/cafe stand.
My day was made when I say a man with a cart... not just any man, not just any cart. It was a man selling "Minutas". This is shaved ice topped with very homemade fruit syrup that can be upgraded for just Lps 5 to a super minuta with condensed milk added. I will stop ANYWHERE for one of these. However, they have a bit of a bad rep. Street minutas are known for not being the most sanitary thing you will find on the streets. Plus the minuta man will always grab the ice with the same hand he grabs your money. I still take my chances- sugar overdose, bacteria, and all.

El minutero...

Las minutas...

It was fun to hang out with my friends, do something different, being able to sit around in the grass. I hope they repeat it next year.

Mar 17, 2012

Have a wicked end!

Tonight is the last night of the 4th Annual Jazz Festival in Tegucigalpa. It ends with a presentation by German Jazz band, Underkarl. I went last night, Saxos de Honduras played, and absolutely loved it.
Here's the info.

Also, "Latin Grooves" @ Habia Una Vez tonight. The line up includes Tato Banton, KIKA, and Tijaax Tunes with a special presentation by ESPECIES EN EXTINCION. Starts at 9 pm.

Tomorrow, there's a cultural festival going on @ Paseo Los Artesanos. There will be theatre, marimba, dancing, good, handmade products, traditional games, music... all around fun. It is a free event that everybody can enjoy, see you there!

Mar 14, 2012

Greetings from the cabin!

From the radio cabin that is!

This is me and Enzo saying hey.

One of my jobs, actually...the only one right now, is entertaining Tegus folks every day from 5-7 on a radio show. So if you're here, ask your cab driver, your friend or tune your ipod in to 100.1 fm.. Super 100 Stereo.

On another note, I've updated the page a wittle bit. More events on the What´s Happening page going on this week and weekend, also I had Chinese yesterday, and take a look at why and where you should have it too.

Nice sunny day here in TGU. I didn't enjoy it the way I should have (going downtown and blogging for you about it and such) because my sleeping schedule is all screwed. Bare with me, I'll have interesting things for you up in no time.

It´s going to be a beer filled night for me. Barena, one of the local beer brands is having a party for media, and guess who's invited. Barena is a light beer, easy to drink.. think our version of Corona. Give it a try with a little lime and salt.
So enough said, I'm on air. Salud!

Mar 8, 2012

Check out what's happening this weekend!

The What's Happening tab is where you'll find the fun stuff that you would be doing as a local.
This weekend, there's a music festival and local bands playing.

Take a look!
Le Fou and Sueño Digviana in Concert Friday @Taramundi

Grito Rock on Saturday @ Club del Quimico Farmaceutico

Have a fun weekend!

Mar 5, 2012

Not everything you hear is true.

"You're going to Tegus? It's not worth it." "Going to Tegus? It's dangerous." Yada, Yada, Yada.
I'm sure you've heard that before, and if you haven't, expect it. As I mentioned before, no beaches or ruins in Tegus, but a nice package of things to do and see. From a messy historical downtown to nearby picturesque towns and amazing hiking trails in a rainforest. You probably wouldn't want to spend a week here, but if you get stuck here, make the most out of it.Two or three days gives you a good time frame to rest from all your traveling, plan the rest of your trip a bit, and other what-nots.
If you fly here, fasten your seatbelt and clap your sweaty hands when you land - to blend in and give thanks that you're alive. If you come by bus, get out of Comayaguela ASAP. Comayaguela is the part of town where most buses arrive at, and not a fun part to be at, at any time. Yes, we have developed a reputation of being a dangerous city. I'm not going to lie to you, it's no Sweden. Like all cities in the world, there are places you should just not go to, people you should not talk to, and situations you should look out for.
Just keep the basics in mind. Have your money in different places, not all your cash with you, don't walk around with flashy gadgets, have the number of a cab company with you, not too much walking at night, you know the drill. We are done with political demonstrations for the most part, everything closes at 2:00 am, most people do not speak English, public transportation is, well, difficult. Learn your basic spanish, we get a kick out of anyone trying to be nice enough to learn a couple of words. Be careful and enjoy the things Tegus has to offer (no, no drinkable tap water included).

My personal favorite is the way Tegus looks at night, that in itself, should make your pitt stop here worthwhile. Take a look for yourself:

Photo: Ashraf Hassanein