Mar 14, 2012

Greetings from the cabin!

From the radio cabin that is!

This is me and Enzo saying hey.

One of my jobs, actually...the only one right now, is entertaining Tegus folks every day from 5-7 on a radio show. So if you're here, ask your cab driver, your friend or tune your ipod in to 100.1 fm.. Super 100 Stereo.

On another note, I've updated the page a wittle bit. More events on the What´s Happening page going on this week and weekend, also I had Chinese yesterday, and take a look at why and where you should have it too.

Nice sunny day here in TGU. I didn't enjoy it the way I should have (going downtown and blogging for you about it and such) because my sleeping schedule is all screwed. Bare with me, I'll have interesting things for you up in no time.

It´s going to be a beer filled night for me. Barena, one of the local beer brands is having a party for media, and guess who's invited. Barena is a light beer, easy to drink.. think our version of Corona. Give it a try with a little lime and salt.
So enough said, I'm on air. Salud!

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