Aug 18, 2012

Salsa Much?

If you are ever in this part of the world, you must go Salsa dancing at least once. Tegus might not be the Salsa dancing capital - but some of us enjoy the music, the dancing, and the atmosphere.

There are two places that I know of that play salsa, sometimes even live.

Sabor Cubano
There's a Cuban restaurant called Sabor Cubano in Colonia Palmira, apart from having delicious Cuban food, it is a great place to go anyday, but from Thursday to Saturday you'll find more people, from professional dancing to amateur dancing and dancing just for fun.
You can check out their fanpage on facebook here..

La Caramba
They recently re-opened. It is where local artists get the chance to jam. I'm not loving the new location, but their bar food is good, beer is always cold and the bands are top notch.
But what's important in this post is their live Salsa on Saturdays.
Son de Tepas is the band that they have on Saturdays. Amazing live band.
So put on your dancing shoes, and Salsa the night away.
La Caramba's facebook page opens up when you click here --> La Caramba
You can follow them on twitter as well : @LaCaramba.

Plus, this weekend...

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