May 7, 2010

Tegus Adentro?

If I could travel all year round, I would. I'm sure most of us would. When I do travel, I pretty much rough it out on what to do and see, where to go and how to go about. But sometimes, I wish there was a place I could check out that has all the tips and tricks in one place of that place.
I've been lucky to have a friend or two in my destinations. I hate being the turist - the maps, the uncertainty of wether I'm being screwed over or not, looking like one in general. However, I love being the tourist guide.
I live in Tegucigalpa, capital city of Honduras. About a million of us do - give or take. We all seem to have a love hate relationship with it. I'm more inclined to the love part. It frustrates me that Tegus (term of endearment for Tegucigalpa) is just a pitt stop for most on their way to Roatan or Copan. Totally understandable. Tegus doesn't have pristine beaches and coral reefs or Mayan Ruins, but it has a magic of its own. This is where I come in. Because when I go places, I like to know them from the locals' point of view - the real thing. This is what this blog will be all about. I'll show you Tegus from "adentro", so when you visit, you'll know where to go and what to do.

Photo by Ashraf Hassanein

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